There are 8 Key Funding Streams available to you as an adventurer. Some are available upfront to help you get the adventure off the ground, others come into play after your return - assuming the adventure had some measure of success. Almost all of them are interconnected, you may focus on one or two, but probably need to be using several others in support. 

None of them are a 'prize' for being the 'best' adventurer or the 'most deserving'. All are based on exchanges of value with business partners and you need to treat them with the pragmatism of a business deal. 

Dive into the stream that is of most interest to you via the links below, but also take the time to browse through the other possibilities. Your adventure funding will be a jigsaw puzzle, pulling together many elements from the funding streams most appropriate to your current position on your lifelong adventure journey. 

Below are the blog posts that give an overview of Adventure Funding, looking at how the 8 Streams fit together, and how different Streams become available at different times. 

8 Key Funding Streams


social media • traditional media • website

project sponsorship

equipment • money


schools • adventure • corporate


charity • project • subsistence

brand ambassador

product • money

adventure grants

grants • competitions


blogging • articles • books


photography • film • television