Banner image: Cathy O'Dowd on the Mazeno ridge of Nanga Parbat, an expedition partly sponsored by MoraBanc

Sponsorship - as in hard cash, not just free kit - is the holy grail of anyone dreaming of doing an adventure. 

It can be less fun than it sounds. Raising it is time-consuming, demoralising and hard work, with no guarantee of success. There is a trend to dismiss sponsorship, and encourage people to embrace cheaper adventures and work with smaller budgets. There is a great deal to be said for that and you can make real impact with a financially modest adventure.

Alex Ellis-Roswell @EllisRoswell has been walking the 9,500 mile coast of Ireland & Britain since 3rd August 2014 and has raised over £50,000 for RNLI Lifeboats. 

Nevertheless, many interesting projects require real money to make them happen. And many ambitious expeditions succeed in raising large amounts of money from corporate sponsors. 

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Vickie Saunders runs The Sponsorship Consultants, as well as the Athlete Sponsorship Podcast and The Athlete Sponsorship Hub Facebook group. She focuses more on traditional athletes than adventurers, but she is interested in mid-level athletes, not just elites, and many of her tips and insights can be repurposed in the Adventure space.