Banner image: ESC Mount Logan ski ascent, supported by grants from ESC, ASC and AAC

Adventure Grants are the one funding category where you may not need any kind of Social Influence to qualify. The grants that have been running for years tend to ask for little more than a report in return. However, an increasing number of the more recent offerings require you to share your adventure via social media and expect an article for their magazine, and a speech at their event after you return. 

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Adventure grants all demand non-commercial self-planned trips, and tend to require that you are doing something off the beaten track. Thus climbing Kilimanjaro or even Everest on a guided trip is not going to win you a grant, where doing first ascents (or first your-country ascents) of modest peaks in remote locations may. 

Many adventure grants are targeted at people starting out, so for anyone under 25 (even under 35 for some grants), apply for them! Don't feel you need to 'gain more experience' first. The grants exist to help you gain experience. In addition to grants, many clubs subsidise training programmes, particularly for younger people. Take advantage of everything you qualify for while you can. 

Do your homework before you apply. Follow their requirements for formatting and information provided. Respect their closing dates. Look at what kinds of adventures have been funded in previous years. 

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