Banner image:  Diana Martin, brand ambassador for Lurbel.  Photo by Cathy O'Dowd

When asked in my survey which funding areas interested you most, many of you voted for Brand Ambassador. (Take the survey here, if you haven't done it already). 

Despite the popularity of Brand Ambassadorships, both adventurers and brands are often confused about how the relationship should work, unsure what the objectives are and disappointed by the results. Even more than some other funding categories, how attractive you are as a Brand Ambassador depends heavily on how successful you are as a Social Influencer. 

Brand Ambassador content will be one of the first focuses of this website, and I'll be talking to the ambassadors, the brands that use them, and the platforms that exist to match the two. (Let me know if there is an ambassador or a brand that you are particularly curious about.)

Brands I have been involved with: Krimson Klover winter clothing range; (via Freestak) Inov-8 TrailRoc launch & Stance Adventure socks launch. 

helpful resource

Freestak is a platform to connect Endurance Sports brands with influencers with an interest in running, cycling, triathlon and outdoors sports. (I am one of their influencers.) Browse through their blog for a lot of interesting tips and insights.