Creating a Consistent Online Brand 

Creating a Consistent Online Brand 

Setting Up Your Online Brand

Most careers, particularly self-employed ones, build over time and accumulate lots of false starts, half-finished ideas and contradictory branding. We never quite get around to deleting or fixing it but the contradictions can sometimes be startling obvious to people we meet for the first time. 

If you are at the start of your adventure journey this post is a chance to think about setting up your branding. If you are mid-career, take a moment to pause and check that you have your branding in order. (If the idea of ‘personal branding’ makes you nauseous, think ‘consistency of name + image online’.)

Guiding principle - people need to find you easily, recognise you when they find you, and then be intrigued enough to follow you. Every element you create feeds into that idea.