24 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

1. Brush up your Twitter presence - use every element available to show why *you* are interesting to follow. 

  • username and display name
  • profile photo and banner photo
  • user bio
  • location
  • website link
  • pinned tweet

2. Include your twitter handle in all bio information. 

  • all other social media profiles (best value - match Instagram and Twitter handles)
  • your website
  • your bio when you write guest posts
  • all interviews with you
  • on your slides when you give talks
  • as the watermark on your photos 
  • in the author blurb of your book 
  • on a custom sticker on the cover of your laptop, etc etc 

3. Post regularly and (very) frequently.  

Where Instagram advice tends to be post up to once a day, Twitter moves (very) fast. Posting several times a day is normal, some accounts do much more. You may need to use a scheduling service to get that to work (I use Buffer @buffer).
(If someone is posting too often for your taste, you can mute them, if you don't want to unfollow them. You can also mute specific words and hashtags.)

4. Include hashtags.

Hashtags alert people who may be interested in the general theme of your tweet. Unlike Instagram, just use one or two.

5. Join in with themed hashtags

#MotivationMonday, #TravelTuesday, #WednesdayWisdom, #ThursdayThoughts, #FridayFeeling, #NationalDogDay, #Caturday, etc - add your voice. You may get more widely retweeted than normal. On your computer, you will see a list of hashtags currently being widely used on the left. On mobile you will find them under the search function. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 18.38.31.png

6. Watch for trending hashtags and see if you can contribute in a natural way.

My top tweet of all time (worked out from my Twitter analytics page) riffed off the #DressLikeAWomen hashtag that was trending due to some sexist dress code info leaked out of the White House.

7. When you tweet out someone else's article or interview, always add their Twitter handle - so they know you've done it.

If you are sharing content from big magazines or newspapers - @OutsideMagazine or @NYTimes, put the journalist's handle rather than the publication. Put both if you have the space. 

8. Find a service to turn your old blog posts into a drip-feed repeat post campaign. 

Make sure each blog post has a photo that can be pulled in to the tweets. (I use Missinglettr @missinglettr, which creates a series of different posts from each blog post.)

9. Look at your Twitter analytics page to see which of your tweets got the best response - and then retweet them.

Twitter moves so fast you’ll never get all of your followers seeing each of your tweets. Repeating a tweet again is fine. There is a lot of information available to you on the analytics page (found by tapping on your profile photo and looking down the menu options). If you use scheduling software, you’ll also find analytics there.

10. Try Twitter chats.

Some suggestions from the UK and from the USA. One place to start is the #OutdoorBloggers monthly twitter chat.

11. Like other people’s tweets. 

Your likes are one of the four stats visible at the top of your account (on a desktop computer), and factor into working out your engagement as a social influencer.  Also watch your Notifications feed and like anyone who retweets or replies to you. 

12. Retweet other active Twitter users.

For best results, use 'Quote Tweet' rather than just Retweet. Put a few words about why you think the tweet is interesting.

13. Pay attention to your top fans - the people who most often retweet and reply to you - and return that attention. 

Putting them onto a private list that you create makes it easier to find them. Making that list public means they get notified - which can be a nice way to send a compliment. 

14. Follow the people you want to notice you, and put them onto public lists - give those lists complimentary names.

15. Follow more people.

Not in the fake follow-for-follow way. Put some time into finding genuinely interesting people to follow. If they are in your space and your bio is set up to show why you are also interesting, there is a good chance they will follow you back. Two ways to find good people:

  • Look up active Twitter users you admire. Look at who they follow, and follow those that sound interesting. 
  • Look at the lists curated by users you admire. @BizOfAdventure has a number of public lists on topics that should interest adventurers. 

16. Have some sort of theme to your Twitter content.

If you are already famous, people will follow just for a glimpse of your lifestyle. If you are up and coming, having some kind of theme helps followers understand what they will get. It may be as simple as focusing on certain adventure topics, rather than a random scatter-shot of your every thought.  

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 18.56.43.png

17. Join in Twitter discussions - my biggest tweet hit of August 2017 was having an opinion on the safety of being in mountains lightly dressed. People who jumped into the conversation included Alex Roddie (4,200 followers), Cameron McNeish (12.3k followers), and Kate Jamieson (2160 followers). In bouncing the discussion back and forth, various smaller accounts joined in, including one opinionated voice from the other side - which was useful to heating up the debate. Overall, good engagement and some new followers (on the downside, much of the morning lost to following the discussion.)

18. Make use of photos and format them correctly. 

The best crop for Twitter viewing on mobile is 2 x 1. On mobile you can edit the photo you post in the app. The Wide crop setting is the correct aspect ratio for mobile viewing. On desktop the image will show without any cropping. You can add up to four photos to one tweet.  

19. When sharing photos of your adventures, tag any Twitter users in the images, also any visible brands.

User names tagged to the photos do not count against your 140 characters in the tweet. Use brand hashtags if appropriate. Establishing yourself as a fan of a brand helps get retweets and lays the groundwork for brand ambassador or sponsorship pitches in the future. 

20. Make each tweet purposeful and post natively on Twitter.

Other social networks offer services to autopost to Twitter. It can seem like an easy way to increase your activity. However, if your tweet is just a link to Facebook, no one will engage with it. If it's an Instagram caption cut off mid-sentence and a link rather than a photo, it will get little attention. If you are going to autopost, come to Twitter and check the results. If it doesn't look good, don't do it. 

21. Periodically search for your own name or brand name, to pick up tweets where people didn't use your Twitter handle. Then like and retweet. 

22. Try Twitter Polls

Make up your own, then post your result, and vote in the polls of those you follow. 

23. Experiment with gifs and video

There are plenty of services ready to sell you Twitter followers, varying from third-world workers being paid a pittance to follow you, to entirely fake bot accounts. But it can be checked via various services and it will reduce your engagement. (It appears 49% of Trump's followers are fake.)

24. Limit your time in the social media space and focus on raising your profile in the real world. Most people find fame on Twitter follows from fame in the real world, rather than the other way round. 


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