What are media enquiry services?

Your adventurous background means you have an interesting story to tell. Somewhere there is a journalist on a deadline who would be glad of your anecdote, or experience, or expertise. But how do you find each other?

Reaching out to media can be difficult enough when you have an adventure in the making. Keeping some level of media profile going between projects can feel impossible. Yet, despite the recent fragmentation of media, traditional media has reach and authority that probably exceeds any one of your social media channels. 

Media Enquiry Services exist to help journalists and sources find each other

Media Enquiry Services exist on three levels, with the first two worth exploring as an adventurer:

1. Free
2. Small payment
3. Expensive

Note: most of these services let journalists search and/or post requests for free. Some of them include bloggers in that category. It could be a way to find new guests for your blog. 


While services try to be international, given time zones, most will focus on either the USA or the UK (and we have one service from Australia/NZ).

Journalists looking for experts

You will receive one (or more) emails daily listing stories where journalists are looking for sources.

• Sourcebottle (Australia / NZ) http://www.sourcebottle.com/ @Sourcebottle
Up to two emails a day, and you can restrict your interests via a topic list.
Premium service: for AUS$25 a month they will promote your expert profile.
* all prices quoted correct as of 1 Oct 2017.

• Journo Requests (UK) https://www.journorequests.com @journorequests
They have a free service - a daily digest email every weekday at 3pm UK. 
Premium service: £25/month for a single user. You get two weeks of the Premium alerts for free on signing up. This video explains what you get.

• Help A Reporter Out (USA) https://www.helpareporter.com @helpareporter
“35,000+ journalists & 475,000+ sources”
Email three times a day.
Premium service: $19 a month for one keyword, text alerts, online search. Two more levels $49 & $149 a month.

• PitchRate (USA) http://pitchrate.com/ @PitchRate
Daily email.
Premium service: to become a PitchRate Verified Expert, pay $500 for an online press kit and then pay $50 a month.

• Public Insight Network (USA) https://www.publicinsightnetwork.org/ for radio interviews
Run by American Public Media “230,193 sources informing journalists in 59 newsrooms”

Journalist / expert forums

ProfNet (USA) http://www.profnetconnect.com/ @ProfNet
ProfNet Connect is a free online community for PR professionals, experts and media, but it’s not clear that any actual journalists go there. 

Podcasts Looking for Guests

From these email lists you will discover that there are some odd podcasts in the world. But as adventurers generally fall into at least some of these categories - overcoming adversity / inspirational / solopreneur / living life differently / following your dream / book to promote - you will find a trickle of opportunities. 

• Radio Guest List http://www.radioguestlist.com @radioguestlist
Free service (which results in a lot of emails).
Best value: Once a Week Premium Guest Request Alerts "Digest" $4.97 a month.
Premium service: featured guest expert for $179 setup + $29 a month.

• Podcast Guests http://www.podcastguests.com/ @PodcastGuests
An email every Monday.
Premium service: featured guest for $299.


Many journalists go straight to Twitter to ask for sources, using the hashtags #Journorequest and #haro. Other hashtags to watch are #PRrequest and #BloggerRequest.

You can save search terms in Twitter (and so make it easier to check them regularly) as follows

  • Enter your search into the search box.
  • At the top of your results page, click the more icon and then click Save this search.
  • Next time you click the search box, a pop-up menu will display Saved searches at the bottom, below Recent searches.

Twitter accounts to follow: 
@AceMediaService @JournoLink @SourceBottle @JournoRequests  @helpareporter @PitchRate @ProfNet @radioguestlist @PodcastGuests @ResponseSource

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Journalists looking for experts

• Response Source (UK) http://www.responsesource.com @ResponseSource
“This year [2017] ResponseSource is forecast to distribute over 31,000 journalist enquiries.” 
They divide requests by category and sell annual subscriptions to enquiry lists.
For example: Travel £600, Sport £500, Men’s Interest £630, Women’s Interest & Beauty £915 (all per year, +VAT).
As of June 2017 they own the free service Journo Requests.

• ProfNet (USA) http://www.profnetconnect.com/ @ProfNet
ProfNet is a division of PR Newswire. Subscribers receive around 15 emails per day containing queries from journalists seeking sources for their stories. There is a sliding scale of pricing.

Expert directories

• Expert Sources (UK) http://www.expertsources.co.uk
“'expert' is shorthand for someone with 'relevant expertise' able to give an opinion based on their knowledge and experience.”
Minimum £120 for one year.
If you visit their front page you will see at the bottom Latest Keyword Searches by Journalists. That gives an idea of what topics are of interest right now. 

• Interview Guests Directory (USA) http://www.interviewguestsdirectory.com/
“List yourself in categories specific to your expertise”
One free month, then starts at $5.95 a month.

There are a number of expert directories that feature academics, scientists, UN-style experts. You generally do not have to pay to list, but you do have to prove your credentials. 

If you have an academic background and/or your adventure includes scientific research, they could be worth investigating. A selection are listed below:

Press Release Distribution Services

• JournoLink (UK) https://journolink.com/ @JournoLink
£200 per year, £25 per month, with a 30 day free trial.

• Response Source (UK) @ResponseSource http://pressreleases.responsesource.com/about/pricing/
From £80 upwards.

• Business Wise (USA @businesswire http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/about/
Price on request depending on service.

You've done the set-up, you are scanning the Twitter hashtags and you have journalist requests pouring into your inbox. There is a brief that's perfect for you! 

Now what?

Our next blog post: How To Use Media Enquiry Services Effectively